Thursday, August 24, 2006

Easing Into Traffic

Welcome to On RAMP, the blog for Pierce County's Regional Access Mobility Partnership (RAMP).

There's probably never been a time in recent history when so much was happening in the area of transportation funding and governance. As the consensus organization for regional transportation issues and projects, RAMP brings together city and county officials, business leaders and other local citizens who have interest in Pierce County's future. Since transportation funding and governance is a complex and often obscure object for study (despite the fact that our public agencies are pledged to, and generally practice, financial and operational transparency), we felt it is time to provide a community focal point for information and informed opinions.

This blog will be authored on an ongoing basis by Paul Ellis, RAMP's lead staff member from the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber, along with George Walk from the Pierce County Executive's Office (George was formerly chair of the WA House Transportation Committee) and Sean Eagan from the Port of Tacoma (Sean is a former aide to U.S. Congressman Adam Smith). Joining us from time to time will be authorities and opinion leaders with something to add to this ongoing discussion. Our paramount goal is to leave our visitors not only more informed about the current progress on enhancing regional, state and federal projects, but to give you an effective "road map" to how decisions are made and funding is secured.

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