Friday, April 16, 2010

Construction Impacts Just Ahead

During the period of April 16th to April 23rd there will be construction and possible lane closures on freight routes including I-5; I-405; I-90; SR-16; SR-99; SR-167; SR-518; SR-519; SR-522; and others. Please check the following sites for the construction schedule updates and planned closure information:

King County
Snohomish County
Whatcom/Skagit/Island Counties
Pierce County

For construction in the Tacoma Area, go here.

For additional information on roads in other counties, please visit here
Construction for Thurston, and Kitsap Counties.

Monday, April 12, 2010

How did Pierce County fair in the state transportation budget?

The 2010 state transportation budget is a supplemental to the 2009-2011 biennial budget. It appropriates funding for the biennium only. There are few major changes or new projects in the 2010 budget compared to the biennial budget adopted in 2009. Any changes are generally modest adjustments to the spending plan.

The note worthy additions for Pierce County include:
- Funding for a new signal light at SR 702 and Mountain Highway
- Intersection improvements at Thorne Lane and Perimeter Road
- ARRA funds for high speed rail

Most columns in this summary of funded project in Pierce County represent an updated expenditure plan, not an actual appropriation.

Ramps to link SR 509 to Foss Peninsula

A presentation presented at last week’s RAMP meeting illustrates preliminary plans to better connect SR 509 to “D” Street on the Foss Peninsula. The proposal, a partnership between the Puyallup Tribe, BNSF, SSA Marine and the City of Tacoma would improve freight access to BNSF’s main rail yard.

The cost of the project is estimated to be $19 million. Construction could begin in late 2010 if all identified funds are secured.

Pierce County HOV lane construction planned through 2022

A series of HOV lane projects are planned for Pierce County through 2022. WSDOT’s Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program builds 70 high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lane miles in seven separate construction projects that will help move traffic into and through Pierce County.

Currently, two projects are under construction
- Westbound Nalley Valley on SR 16
- Extension of HOV lanes on I-5 from the King/Pierce County line to Port of Tacoma Road

Future projects include:
- Eastbound Nalley Valley on SR 16
- Northbound I-5 Port of Tacoma Road to Portland Ave.
- Southbound I-5 Port of Tacoma Road to Portland Ave.
- I-5 Portland Ave. to M Street
- I-5/ SR 16 HOV Connectors

More information on each project is available in a recent presentation to RAMP and on the WSDOT website.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Recovery Depends on Freight Infrastructure

The Washington State DOT Freight Systems Division has developed a document outlining Washington State's freight priorities.

The Washington State Freight Priorities folio defines how important Washington State's freight infrastructure is to the state economy; shows samples of statewide freight dependent businesses and how Washington’s distribution system is essential to local communities; and highlights priority statewide freight deficiency improvements and how they impact Washington manufacturers and farmers who rely on the transportation network to ship their products.

For more information on this document, or if you have questions, please contact