Monday, April 12, 2010

Pierce County HOV lane construction planned through 2022

A series of HOV lane projects are planned for Pierce County through 2022. WSDOT’s Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program builds 70 high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lane miles in seven separate construction projects that will help move traffic into and through Pierce County.

Currently, two projects are under construction
- Westbound Nalley Valley on SR 16
- Extension of HOV lanes on I-5 from the King/Pierce County line to Port of Tacoma Road

Future projects include:
- Eastbound Nalley Valley on SR 16
- Northbound I-5 Port of Tacoma Road to Portland Ave.
- Southbound I-5 Port of Tacoma Road to Portland Ave.
- I-5 Portland Ave. to M Street
- I-5/ SR 16 HOV Connectors

More information on each project is available in a recent presentation to RAMP and on the WSDOT website.

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