Thursday, October 12, 2006

Invitation to RAMP Participants

The Regional Transit Investment District (RTID) is seeking ideas, questions, and suggestions on the proposed Blueprint for Progress. Please take a few minutes to review this site, learn about the RTID program, and send them your thoughts.

One of the RTID's guiding principles is to keep the road investments affordable—so they’ll have to make choices about where to invest the region's limited dollars. That’s why they want to know what priorities concern RAMP and its participants, in particular:
  • What road-safety issues concern you the most?
  • Where is the worst congestion in your region?
  • Where do you want investments to be made?

There are many ways to share your ideas. Send an e-mail, mail a letter, or take the online survey. The public comment period on the proposed road investments closes October 27th.


  1. The Cross Base Highway is an imperative. We only appear to have a north-south problem. It is an artifact driven by the real problem of insufficient east-west routes.

    Further, the CBH would create the opportunity for an intense transportation hub involving The Sounder and buses. These could actually reduce some of the congestion in the bottleneck on I-5 that runs through Ft. Lewis.

  2. We area manufacturer in the
    Frederickson area. We both hire employees from and ship product through the South Sound.
    the availibillity of the Cross Base Highway deffinately impacts our ability to grow.