Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The World According to the Port

The Port of Tacoma featured its international representatives in a brief briefing just a short time ago.

Now, the Port has posted all the PowerPoint presentations online here, so the public has the opportunity for a more in depth review and reflection greater than that afforded in the short timeline of the briefing session.

Just to highlight the information, I'm sharing with you some of the information that most struck me. This is not necessarily the most important info presented. Some of that's in the eye of the beholder. You've got those online materials to review for yourself anyway.

Akira (Andy) Tatara, Director of Asia Last year China's #1 trading partner was Taiwan, at $62.4 b, up $28.1 b. California ports' new restrictions encourage transfer of cargo to PNW ports.

Jack Woods, Northwest Regional Sales Manager (Covering the Western U.S.) Decline in trade with Japan, China and Taiwan from the weak dollar. Change in exports up 22% in last six months. Looks for growth in non-containerized cargo, singling out the project cargo associated with development of Alberta, Canadian oil sands, over 20+ years.

Bill Wong, Hong Kong & South China Sales Representative Covers an area with 103 million population. Is seeing bulk cargoes moving into containers.

Volker Himmel, Director of Europe EU's GDP is 31% of world output, $16.8 trillion. U.S.'s #1 trading partner.

Joey Zhou, China Sales Representative (Shanghai) China's GDP is $6.9 trillion, #2 in the world. Growth rate in 2008, 10+%. Sees oversupply of carrier capacity and forecasts a merger within three years among Chinese carriers.

Susan Coffey, East Coast Regional Sales Manager (Eastern U.S.) Her region has the top 44 importers. There is an emergence of eastern ports in Asia trade -especially Savannah. Also, Mobile, AL container port, others. Sees a Customs backlog. The Southeastern ports are moving 40 containers per hour.

Daniel C.H. Rim, Korea Sales Representative He expects Korea to experience stagflation through 2008. Korea is the U.S.'s #2 trading partner. Still has the FTA (free trade agreement) subject to Congressional approval (a process delayed by Presidential politics).

Olga V. Romanyuk, Russian Sales Representative FESCO plans to build a 250,000 TEU capacity at Vladivostok.

Vincent Sullivan, Midwestern Regional Sales Manager (Covers Mid-western U.S.) Prince Rupert works! Port of Tacoma has no service to mid-South. Canadian Rail is interested in the Elgin-Joliet-Eastern RR, which skirts Chicago. There are political issues, but Mayor Daley supports the initiative. Inland ports with rail works for bigger customers.

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