Saturday, December 06, 2008

Our Own Economic Stimulus Package

This community is about to embark on its most massive construction project ever; the Blair-Hylebos Terminal Redevelopment Project (BHTRP). At an estimated $1 billion, it dwarfs the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge at $800 million.

Early news reports were filled with the economic opportunity associated with this redevelopment, accommodating new terminal expansions and the redevelopment/repositions of others. Other businesses have been impacted and we've seen several pursue new facilities as this Port development has spurred other improvements.

The people of Pierce County, justifiably proud of the economic engine of the Port of Tacoma, have been treated to numerous opportunities to learn more about and to express preferences for how things are done as the project is improved. This Monday is the new deadline - extended from an earlier benchmark - now (Dec. 8) until 4:00 p.m.; everyone has another chance to share their opinions, concerns, preferences, choices and other perspectives about the BHTRP.

If you having yet caught onto this project - and are a quick study - you have just a handful of hours from this posting to do your homework and make a meaningful contribution. Comments may be online or via email.

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