Thursday, January 07, 2010

Transport to the Airport

Tacoma won’t be getting a Link to the airport in the near future, but did you know Sound Transit currently runs excellent bus service between Lakewood or the Tacoma Dome and SeaTac twice an hour? Why inconvenience a family member or friend, when you can easily take a $2.50 ride to the airport that drops you off at a convenient location?

Transport to Seatac on a Sound Transit bus is ideal for business travel and a pleasant experience for those carrying few bags or small bags. Return travel is similarly easy, with buses leaving from Seatac (outside of baggage claim) at least twice an hour. Those traveling with especially large numbers of baggage should take note—there is no “underbus” storage, so large bags will be placed on seats.

For extensive details on Tacoma Dome to SeaTac bus travel, download the Green Business Travel between SeaTac Airport and Tacoma from Downtown: On the Go! document. The document covers in detail a round trip for business travel purposes. Feel free to distribute it broadly to fellow employees, friends, and family!

Questions? Contact Julia Petersen, Downtown: On the Go! (DOTG) Coordinator or check out the ST website.

Guest Author: Julia Petersen

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  1. Night frequencies on the 574 are less than ideal. The good news is once Metro cancels the 194 frequencies on the 574 should be increasing in the next six months or so.