Monday, May 09, 2011

Grants for Goods Movement

Today, FHWA announced it was soliciting applications for grant programs totaling an estimated $430 million nationwide. In previous years, some funding for these grant programs was designated by Congress and the remainder was discretionary and awarded through a competitive process. In the FY11 budget passed in April, Congress directed that all funds were discretionary.

WSDOT must submit all applications to FHWA by the close of business on June 3rd.  APPLICATIONS DUE TO WSDOT BY MAY 20!

The FHWA administers discretionary programs through its various offices. These discretionary programs represent special funding categories where FHWA solicits for candidates and selects projects for funding based on applications received. Each program has its own eligibility and selection criteria that are established by law, by regulation, or administratively. Descriptions for each program, along with selection criteria, are available at

FHWA Administrator Victor Mendez identified the following goal for the 2011 Discretionary Program: “FHWA’s goal is to get these funds put to work as quickly as possible, providing needed transportation improvements and supporting economic growth. To that end, they are advancing these programs on an accelerated timeframe.”

Please send a copy of ALL project applications to your MPO and WSDOT ( by the end of the day Friday, May 20th. MPOs will review the projects for consistency with the statewide and metropolitan planning requirements.

In addition, MPOs will prioritize the Public Lands Highways and Transportation, Community and System Preservation projects for their region and submit to WSDOT ( by the end of the day Wednesday, May 25th.

The details and applications for each of the programs are posted at  The nine programs for which Washington is eligible and approximate amounts of funding available Nationwide (including any carryover funding from previous years) are as follows:
  • Ferry Boat Program - $42,479,303
  • Highways for Life Program - $22,622,895
  • Innovative Bridge Research and Deployment Program - $4,163,000
  • Interstate Maintenance Program - $93,202,918
  • National Scenic Byways Program - $40,542,344
  • Public Lands Highway Program - $94,588,680
  • Rail Highway Crossing Elimination in High Speed Rail Corridors - $33,313,210
  • Transportation, Community and System Preservation Program - $57,085,000
  • Truck Parking Pilot Program - $7,300,000
Final prioritization for PLHD, TCSP, Ferry Boat and Rail Highway Crossing programs will be by a team with representatives from Association of Washington Cities, Washington State Association of Counties and WSDOT.

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