Friday, January 04, 2008

Sound Transit's Accountability Stands the Test (Again)

One of the major refrains from those who opposed November's Roads & Transit package was that of the "lack of accountability" from regional transportation providers--Sound Transit in particular--yet the latest state audit of the transit agency, which was released Thursday, was very clean.

The audit looked at how Sound Transit has complied with state laws and regulations as well as its own policies and procedures. The audit also examined management’s accountability for public resources.

The state accountability audit is one of several outside independent audits of Sound Transit each year. In addition to the State Auditor’s annual review, the agency contracts with an independent auditor for a yearly financial audit; since the agency receives federal funding on its projects, the independent auditor performs a Single Audit after which the Federal Transit Administration conducts quarterly reviews. Last year, Sound Transit received its first performance audit by the state under I-900, in which the agency also received high marks.