Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sound Transit Survey Link Up Here

Sound Transit is asking all to take the transit system expansion survey.

On Thursday, Sound Transit began asking the public to help shape plans to expand the regional transit system. They did so by launching a Sound Transit Web survey. The survey runs through March 9.

Following the death of Proposition 1 last November, the Sound Transit Board this winter is taking a renewed look at regional transit system expansion with the potential of going out for another vote this fall. In the survey, they’re asking such things as what are people’s highest priorities, when a package should come back to voters and how ambitious the transit package should be.

Postcards that are arriving in mailboxes this week are also inviting ideas and urging people to take the survey.

The results of the survey will be presented to the Sound Transit Board in mid-March. Residents who prefer to take the survey in a written form rather than online can call 1-866-511-1398 to receive a copy by mail.