Friday, February 01, 2008

Tacoma-to-SeaTac Light Rail on the Siding?

Sound Transit has not decided yet whether to press for a three-county ballot measure in 2008 as it responds to the failure of the Roads & Transit package last November. A recent survey conducted for the agency showed most voters found the construction plan too big and expensive, and many said the projects would take too long to complete.

One option under consideration is to send a smaller transit-only package to voters this coming November that would build less but complete improvements by 2020. Sound Transit staff yesterday unveiled a list of projects that could be done quickly and on a smaller budget, including:
  • Running Tacoma Link light-rail line from downtown west to Tacoma Community College and east to Fife;
  • Increasing frequency of commuter rail and bus service to Seattle;
  • Putting light rail from Sea-Tac Airport to Tacoma on hold.