Monday, April 14, 2008

Which Little Truck Went to Market How

WSDOT has just released the 2007 Update for the Freight and Goods Transportation System.

A common resource for local jurisdictions, the study examines the volume carried by routes with the state. Freight Corridors are defined as those routes that carry four million or more gross tons of freight annually (coded T-1 and T-2). Codes go from the T-1 of more than 10 million tons per year to T-5, of at least 20,000 tone in 60 days.

In 2007, a total of 2,607 state routes were designated as either T-1 or T-2, 37% of all state routes. T-1 routes accounted for 1,093 miles, 16% of all state routes. This update also provides info about county road and city street classifications.

The study does NOT provide info on the users of the route system, their economic performance, performance requirements, system needs and future trends. Other planning documents and reports expand this analysis and can be accessed through the WSDOT Freight Systems Division.

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