Wednesday, July 06, 2011

TATS and Pierce Transit at RAMP Today

RAMP attendees were treated to three presentations at RAMP this morning.

For a follow-up on the Update in the service reductions of Pierce Transit by Jessyn Ferrell, Pierce Transit, please go here.

For a follow-up on the final Tideflats Area Transportation Study report and a PPT presentation by Kell McAboy, Planner, Port of Tacoma, go to the links in this sentence.

Attendees were also treated to a briefing by Larry Ehl, Transportation Issues Daily and Allison Camden, Federal Relations Manager,WSDOT on the hoped for federal transportation act. 
  • The House bill will have a focus on roads nd will have significant decreases for state budgets. The House bill is expected to create a 35% reduction from previous funding levels.  A Republican press conference is scheduled for tomorrow.
  • The Senate's bi-partisan bill, limited to two years, will maintain current funding levels, but still would need $12 billion identified for funding.  Currently there is no proposal on how to make up that funding gap. 
 The next meeting for RAMP is September 7.

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